Monday, October 11, 2010

I Promise Updates are Coming!

Until then I leave you with this...

Thoughts lead on to purposes; purposes go forth in action; actions form habits; habits decide character; and character fixes our destiny. ~Tryon Edwards

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Appreciate the Little Things in Life

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Did You Know?

I am horribly petrified of getting salmonella or food poisoning. But only when I cook food for myself. Any piece of chicken you have at my house will be on the dry side. Don’t even bother to ask for a rare steak. It won’t happen. And every piece of meat will have cut marks to make sure it’s not still raw. I even smell the milk every time before I use it. Why am I so worried I’ll get a big swig of sour lumpy, milk?? I mean, it takes weeks for milk to go that bad, right?

The funny thing is I don’t know why I have this fear. I have never been sick by any type of food. And if anyone else cooks it, from a stranger in a restaurant to my own mother, I don’t worry. Yes I look at my food but after that I don’t give it another thought.

Weird, I know.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

It's That Time of Year Again!

Hello everyone,

Five years ago I began fundraising/walking with my mentor Karen Watt after her battle with Stage 1 Breast Cancer ended in victory on 5/5/05. Together we started our Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk with the American Cancer society. This will mark our sixth year of apple walks together! Together we have risen over $97,000 towards finding a cure!!

Now, our Sixth annual Making Strides walk is right around the corner! Please join us on October 17th at Watt Farms Country Market as we walk the apple orchards in support of finding a cure. I look forward to anyone who can participate, as this is a cause very dear to my heart.

I hope you will support my efforts by making a donation using my personal online fundraising page. It's safe and simple. All you have to do is click the link below and follow the few easy steps.

Hope starts one dollar at a time. Hope starts with me. And hope can start with you. Thank you in advance for any support you may be able to offer.

Click here to visit my personal page.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Feeling Pretty Lucky

Today I feel very fortunate. Not only do I feel lucky every. single. day. to have my new job and to be a part of these life changing experiences, but I am also feel very lucky for certain "perks" that have come my way. Yesterday all of us newbies were given brand new SKM laptop bags... personalized with our initials!!

Then today we were given brand new, HUGE flat screens! Which is a huge upgrade from a small laptop screen!

I'm so thankful and can't believe how it makes me smile! I hope this feeling lasts f.o.r.e.v.e.r.

Friday, September 10, 2010

World Gym Pictures

I totally forgot I took pictures of my new gym the other day! Silly me!!

This one shows the red aerobics room/basketball court all the way on the back wall. The red wall to the right is the spinning room, and to the right of the ladder (not shown) is a private women's workout room!

Inside the blue walls are most of the free weights. You can see the floor is covered with machines. To the right of where I'm standing taking the photo are the locker rooms and another room with tanning beds.

In this photo you can see some of the cardio equipment, however the AMT's are not shown. Note the little TV's on the wall for just the front row to use! The larger TV's are for everyone else.

You can see from the photos they are still finishing up the last of the preparation process to open next week. A professional cleaner is coming this weekend to spruce everything up and then it will be go time!!!

White After Labor Day?

This year I bought myself a (cheap) white watch. I love it and want to wear it all season long! However, being an old soul at heart, I have struggled with wearing it after Labor Day. Convinced accessories don't apply to the rule, I went on a Google hunt to find the truth! I stumbled upon this article that I think you may find interesting on how the whole white dilemma came about. Enjoy!

The post–Labor Day moratorium on white clothing and accessories has long ranked among etiquette hard-liners' most sacred rules. As punishment for breaking it in the 1994 movie Serial Mom, for instance, Patty Hearst's character was murdered by a punctilious psychopath. But ask your average etiquette expert how that rule came to be, and chances are that even she couldn't explain it. So why aren't we supposed to wear white after Labor Day?
One common explanation is practical. For centuries, wearing white in the summer was simply a way to stay cool — like changing your dinner menu or putting slipcovers on the furniture. "Not only was there no air-conditioning, but people did not go around in T shirts and halter tops. They wore what we would now consider fairly formal clothes," says Judith Martin, better known as etiquette columnist Miss Manners. "And white is of a lighter weight."

But beating the heat became fashionable in the early to mid-20th century, says Charlie Scheips, author of American Fashion. "All the magazines and tastemakers were centered in big cities, usually in northern climates that had seasons," he notes. In the hot summer months, white clothing kept New York fashion editors cool. But facing, say, heavy fall rain, they might not have been inclined to risk sullying white ensembles with mud — and that sensibility was reflected in the glossy pages of Harper's Bazaar and Vogue, which set the tone for the country.
This is all sound logic, to be sure — but that's exactly why it may be wrong. "Very rarely is there actually a functional reason for a fashion rule," notes Valerie Steele, director of the Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology. True enough: it's hard to think of a workaday downside to pairing your black shoes with a brown belt.

Instead, other historians speculate, the origin of the no-white-after–Labor Day rule may be symbolic. In the early 20th century, white was the uniform of choice for Americans well-to-do enough to decamp from their city digs to warmer climes for months at a time: light summer clothing provided a pleasing contrast to drabber urban life. "If you look at any photograph of any city in America in the 1930s, you'll see people in dark clothes," says Scheips, many scurrying to their jobs. By contrast, he adds, the white linen suits and Panama hats at snooty resorts were "a look of leisure."
Labor Day, celebrated in the U.S. on the first Monday of September, marked the traditional end of summer; the well-heeled vacationers would stow their summer duds and dust off their heavier, darker-colored fall clothing. "There used to be a much clearer sense of re-entry," says Steele. "You're back in the city, back at school, back doing whatever you're doing in the fall — and so you have a new wardrobe."

By the 1950s, as the middle class expanded, the custom had calcified into a hard-and-fast rule. Along with a slew of commands about salad plates and fish forks, the no-whites dictum provided old-money élites with a bulwark against the upwardly mobile. But such mores were propagated by aspirants too: those savvy enough to learn all the rules increased their odds of earning a ticket into polite society. "It [was] insiders trying to keep other people out," says Steele, "and outsiders trying to climb in by proving they know the rules."

Some etiquette buffs don't buy this explanation, however. "There are always people who want to attribute everything in etiquette to snobbery," protests Martin. "There were many little rules that people did dream up in order to annoy those from whom they wished to disassociate themselves. But I do not believe this is one of them."

Whatever its origin, the Labor Day rule has perennially met with resistance from high-fashion quarters. As far back as the 1920s, Coco Chanel made white a year-round staple. "It was a permanent part of her wardrobe," says Bronwyn Cosgrave, author of The Complete History of Costume & Fashion: From Ancient Egypt to the Present Day. The trend is embraced with equal vigor by today's fashion élites, Cosgrave notes — from Marion Cotillard accepting her 2008 Academy Award in a mermaid-inspired cream dress to Michelle Obama dancing the inaugural balls away in a snowy floor-length gown. Fashion rules are meant to be broken by those who can pull it off, notes Cosgrave, and white "looks really fresh when people aren't expecting it."

PS - I'm pretty sure I will be wearing my watch this winter as it's not exactly white pants or a white dress. To me accessories are exception to the rule!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sometimes all it Takes is a Change of Scenery

Lately I cannot get myself motivated to go to the gym. There once was a time when I would go every day, for two hours, without fail. Now, I can barely make myself go a few times a week. And even that is usually followed by a hiatus of some sort. It’s a constant internal battle.

Yesterday I took a new step towards breaking out of this routine: I enrolled at the brand new World Gym in Cheektowaga. It’s so new the doors aren’t even open to the public until next week! Closer to my work than my current gym, I think it will be easier to stay committed. And I signed up with my girlfriend! New gym buddies are always a plus!

I’m really pumped to get in there and start working out. They have a huge layout of cardio equipment including the new Adaptive Motion Trainer (AMT)!! This machine is made to move more with your natural body movement than a restricted back and forth motion. It’s an Elliptical, Treadmill and Stairmaster all in it! And I’m pretty sure each piece has its own built in TV as well as multiple TVs on the walls.

I can’t wait until they open their doors next week to try everything out! Another new perk is their spinning classes! I have never tried one before and it’s at the top of my list! There is a basketball court that doubles as the aerobics room and I hope they will have all my favorites! OH, and the sales guy made sure to point out their complimentary shampoo and body wash in their lockers rooms as well. SCORE!

Sometimes all it takes is a change of scenery to get you excited and motivated. There will be new faces, new classes, and new routines. Bring on the sweat!!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Happiness Instead

Tonight I wrote a very long blog for you that did not save. Instead of cursing up a storm, I will go to bed and try to recreate it tomorrow...

Instead I leave you with this...

And speaking of happiness, please don't forget to check out my little girl as happy as can be with her "first kill."

Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy Labor Day!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Fall Preview

At work yesterday we all gathered in the psycho deli (our kitchen for those of you who work at boring places lol) and were privileged to watch the fall lineup for channels ABC, CBS, NBS, FOX & CW. Here are my top recommendations of shows I will definitely watch the first few episodes.

$#*! My Dad Says: Based off the Twitter sensation and starring William Shatner as the dad. It seems like verbal spew will just be coming out of his mouth 24/7! Funny!

The Defenders: with Jerry O’Connell and Jim Belushi – another lawyer drama set in Las Vegas, but Jerry and Jim looked to be quite funny together!

Better Together – I don’t remember much about this one but circled it to watch the first few episodes! LOL I believe a couple breaks up at the altar but then still have all the same friends and continually run into one another.

My Generation - "My Generation" is a faux-documentary about a group of high school students and where they are in their lives 10 years after they graduated”

No Ordinary Family – A family of 5 survives a plane crash in some unordinary water that they realize later has given them special powers.

Mr. Sunshine – Matthew Perry stars as the manager of a second rate San Diego sports arena, under his highly erratic boss

The Event – “The American Conspiracy Thriller” The Event follows Sean Walker, a man who, while investigating the mysterious disappearance of his fiancée, ends up unraveling the biggest cover-up in U.S. history; a cover-up which shapes the very core of mankind as a whole, whose implications are life changing.

Undercovers: This one reminded me of True Lies. A married couple turned civilians, are recruited back to their previous lives as agents. It seems to have great potential to thrill and excite, and I even hope they go a little “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” on each other! LOL

Outsourced – This show looked HYSTERICAL!! Kind of your next Office of Modern Family series. When a call center is outsourced to Inda, an American manager must go manage this group of misfits. C’mon, who doesn’t love comedies with India accents and jokes!?

School Pride – An Extreme Home Makeover type of show but instead they are renovating and building schools. The preview made me tear up so it will definitely be a tear-jerker just like Extreme Home Makeover!

We all did ballots to see which show would get cancelled first, which show would be the best rated drama and which would be the best rated Comedy. I picked Detroit 1-8-7 for first to get cancelled, The Event for Best Drama and Outsourced for Best Comedy! :o) We shall see!

Other we watched that I was either unimpressed or uninterested by included: Mike & Molly, Hawaii 5-0, Blue Bloods (except I do think it has Donnie Wahlberg in it!), Detroit 17, The Whole Truth, Chase, Law & Order: LA, Outlaw, Raising Hope, Running Wilde (although it does star Keri Russell). I was iffy on Hellcats and Nikita, both on the CW. We’ll have to see about those two.

Fall is coming soon if we’re talking about new show premiers!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Pulled Pork Sundae

Isn’t this a novelty! A concoction of pulled pork made to look like an ice cream sundae!! It’s called Pork Parfait! Don’t you want to try one!?

Read more about it here!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Speedy Catch Up

Boy am I behind!! Here are the highlights of the past week-o-fun!

Two Fridays ago, Mom and Dad and some of their friends came up and stayed at my apartment to go to the Johnny Lang concert! We pre-gamed, took the subway downtown and partied outdoors for hours jamming to Johnny Lang!! Afterwards, we came back to my apartment and spread out all the way from the living room, to the deck! Imagine seven of us drinking, dancing, and having a good time! It was the best time and I was so happy to host everyone!

Speed up to last Wednesday, the Black Eyed Peas concert... which meant I missed my championship softball game (yes we won, thank you!). The concert was alright, it was my first arena concert in YEARS. The speakers were kind of jacked up to the point where you couldn't hear the words clearly. OH and some "older" people sat all around us telling us to not yell or sing! Um I paid my $20 too and HELLO PEOPLE, YOU'RE AT A CONCERT!! The BEP were encouraging us to sing!!! They are a fun, upbeat, energetic band!!! What were you expecting!? That kind of put a damper on the evening… Should have went to my softball game... damn! I don’t think I’ll do an arena concert again for awhile. I’ll stick to the great outdoors of Darien Lake, thank you!

That brings us to this past weekend where my college best friend married her boyfriend of the last four years! One last wedding drive to Massachusetts! Friday we all got together for mani-pedi’s and then a relaxing swim before the rehearsal dinner. The food was fantastic and Lindsay gave us the prettiest earrings and bracelet to wear with our dresses! Saturday morning we got up early for hair and makeup, and before we knew it the flowers arrived and then the photographer! When the bus picked us up it was real, and before I knew it I was walking down the aisle! It was a very joyous and happy time for me, to not only be part of, but to see my friend happy, in love, and marrying a man that was good to her. She was gorgeous in her dress and hard to take your eyes off of. I cried plenty of times... seeing her walk down the aisle, the vows, my speech, their first dance, their childhood slide show, the father-daughter dance. It got to be disgusting after awhile! Not really, I tried to cry "cutely."

When all was said and done, the evening was magical and perfect. My dress was gorgeous, my bouquet was beautiful, and my hotel room fantastic. My best friend was happy, married and off to her honeymoon in Cancun shortly after! Success!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I Hope You Had the Time of Your Life

The Green Day concert was by far the best concert I have seen all summer! Not only did they start early, but they played (and entertained us) for three straight hours!! There were people of all ages there partying with friends, parents, kids, etc. At one point the stage was filled with a whole group of different ages that Green Day had encouraged to climb up there and just dance their freaking hearts out!!

Apart from the great music that made me dance all night, the show itself was entertaining with two different displays of people being pulled from the crowd onto stage. The first was an mid-30’s gentleman who didn’t know any words and kind of made himself look a little foolish, but what was even worse (for him, great for us) is that he was followed by a 12 year old boy who rocked out ALL the lyrics and kept singing verse after verse after verse!!

But not even he was the young wonder of the night!! The leader singer Billie Joe started pulling members out of the audience, one by one, to replace band members. First they found someone to play the drums, second they taught bass cords to another teen, then, the icing on the cake, was Bille Joe bringing up a young girl to play main guitar. The taught her three chords to play, then started up the band and began to sing. And this young girl didn’t miss a beat!!! Billie Joe even had his arm around her at one point singing the lyrics right by her ear!! At the end she got up on a speaker and jumped off, really rocking it out. We were going CRAZY in the crowd!! I could not believe his young girl just ROCKED OUT a Green Day concert!! Then Billie Joe gave the girl his guitar and we all yelled and screamed and cheered even louder!!!

Another one of my favorite parts is them performing the Buffalo Bills “You Make Me Want to Shout” song. They would start it up, do a few verses and then stop playing, just so we’d scream and tease and beg for more!! When they were singing the softer part, and we all got down low, he stopped and teased us again until no one’s knees could hold them that close to the ground anymore!! Being from Buffalo you need to believe that we were all going “buck wild!”

Of course every song was great, every song rocked us out (my knees can prove it from jumping up and down all night) but the best was the finale to “I hope you had the time of your life,” and yes Green Day, we did! Thank you and have a GOOD NIGHT BUFFALOOOO!!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

OAR with Special Guest Citizen Cope

Saturday was my first experience with the Buffalo Rocks the Harbor concert series. We were right next to the water while listening to the concert! Boats were tied up and floating in the harbor all around as well. Citizen Cope was the opener and I hadn't heard of them before, but man did they rock! OAR was great as well and really got the crowd jamming to their favorites! Buffalo DOES Rock the harbor and I had a blast! I d can’t wait to go back tomorrow with my parents and their friends for Johnny Lang!! I love summer in Buffalo!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Moondance Catamaran

Last night SKM had their first employee “Booze Cruise!” We met at Templeton Restaurant on the canal, boarded the Moondance Cat, and set sail! It was my first experience (I seem to be saying that a lot lately!) out on a Catamaran Sailboat!!! I’m hooked on this awesome vessel! We cruised out to the Niagara River, raised our 2nd sail, and coasted for almost two hours! Most of us sat up front on the nets hovering right over the water. At first we were gingerly stepping on the nets, not knowing what to expect. Once the Captain said it could hold 10 huge men, we were had no fear! This cruise was so much fun and it was a great way to get to know my new co-workers outside of work. I’m happy to report I fit in quite nicely! :o)

Friday, July 23, 2010

Summer in Buffalo = Free Music EVERYWHERE!

Tuesday was my first experience with the Elmwood Village free concert series every Tuesday at Bidwell Park. My girlfriend JS and I rode our bikes the few miles downtown with our backpacks full of blankets and wine! We stayed until well after dark enjoying the music and lots of friendly company. It was a great time and I definitely hope to go again soon!

Wednesday we won our last regular season softball game, placing us in first place!!!! Keep rooting for us because we’re going for the gold! I can’t believe we only have two weeks left!!

As summer continues through July, I am becoming increasingly more and more stressed out. With my girlfriend’s (LF) wedding right around the corner, my every thought is of the sexy bridesmaid dress I have to wear... which, in turn, makes my every other thought lead to the gym and everything I’m eating. UGH and there is so much that needs to be done in the meantime! If I am starting to get stressed, I can’t even imagine how the bride must be feeling! LOL Oh well, I don’t want to hurry summer along, that’s for sure! :o)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Since this blog is called Summer City Livin, I need to mention some summer stuff I’ve been doing around the city! LOL

One of my favorite to date has been the Italian Festival!!! I was able to go this year on both Thursday and Sunday as its right around the corner from my apartment on Hertel Ave! A few of my fav restaurants and bars are located on this street, so I’m over there often. Being as the festival is very popular and crowded, I rode my bike over on Sunday so I didn’t have to worry about parking. I felt very city-ish! :o)

For the first time I tried Campi’s Pizza out of Dunkirk, NY. It was deep dish, hand tossed pizza that was fabulous! I got it veggies because obviously that makes it healthier and okay for my diet! (Please don’t burst my bubble here, I’ve already eaten it!) I also tried a cannoli for the first time! I felt it was only right considering the atmosphere. Plus I have seen the Cake Boss make them enough on TV that I was super curious. It was quite delicious but definitely a lot to eat for this girls sweet tooth. I also made sure to have my festival favorite… Kettle Corn! YUMMY!! To top off the experience I sat on the patio at my favorite restaurant on Hertel, Romeo & Juilet’s, sipping on Sangria listening to the band. It was a great moment I will remember in the big B-lo!

In over Summer city news, our softball season is winding down and tomorrow is our last game before the playoffs. If we win (cross your fingers and knock on wood) we will finish in first place for the season! We’ve only lost one (horribly devastating) game but have crushed all the rest! The 28th will be playoffs and I’m praying I can drive back from my golf tournament in time to play. From there we have championships on 8/4. If you recall, we made it to the championships last year and lost by only a few runs. We are hoping to finish on top this year!! WOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Medium. Black. Coffee.

Of all the coffee shops in Buffalo, I find myself most loyal to Tim Horton’s… or as I like to call it, Timmie Ho’s!!! I LOVE their coffee and prefer it over making my own… which isn’t cost effective, but it is taste effective! I notice in the city more people will walk around with a cup of TH or Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks rather than company coffee or a home brew. Maybe it’s a commuting thing?

The other day my girlfriend and I were talking about TH and I happen to mention how much I missed my old TH. During my five minute commute to Supplemental, there was a Tim Horton’s/Mobile gas station combo along the way. I would stop two or three times a week, enough for the women to know me and what I like. The drive thru was efficient and quick. There was no fluff or unnecessary questions. No one asked me 15 different ways if I want to try a new muffin or add a donut to my order. Or do I need a carrying tray? Maybe I’d like to purchase a house while I wait?

Medium. Black. Coffee.

That’s all I want to order. And my old TH served it up piping hot and fresh every time. For the last few weeks I have made my coffee at home but have slowly started to bring the delicious coffee back into my life. My new job has a TH right across the street and it’s the service is horrible. The line is long and winds around a huge parking lot, making it take even longer. The customer service people are slow and will pause for a good 20 seconds in between each question. Even if I say, “Medium Black Coffee and that’s it,” they will ask me if I want to add their newest bagel.

This is where my girlfriend chimed in and agreed that this location was horrible representation of the Tim Horton’s name and directed me to a stop at a different TH along the commute. It is slightly hidden and tucked back from the road, but she promised it was good. The next day I went and as I sat in the drive thru, it moved pretty quick building my anticipation. At the speaker, an energetic young man boomed loud and proud with a Bob Barker “Come on Down!” type of voice. I announced my order and to my surprise all he said was, “$1.51 please pull forward.” NO QUESTIONS! NO REPEATS! MEDIUM. BLACK. COFFEE!!!!!!!! The sky parted and the sun shone down as I pulled to the window. Thank goodness the nightmare of a hellish Tim Horton’s is OVER!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Wine Festival 2010

This past weekend I traveled to the breathtaking Finger Lakes to camp with friends and enjoy the Watkins Glen Wine Festival! Friday night was low key just sitting around the fire, drinking beer and watching the fireworks. Although we still managed to stay up until 3am! Which turned out not to be the greatest idea when the garbage truck woke us up at 7:30am!! BUT we actually were able to walk right into the festival when it opened at 10am because were up and ready since the butt crack of dawn!

I couldn’t wait to get into the festival and start tasting all the wines! Straight to the Red Cat tent we went and tried each wine twice! Actually 3-4 times if you count when we went back in the afternoon!!! And of course we took our pace car ride around the track which I personally love because it feels just like a rollercoaster! We thought it would be a good idea to get that taken care of BEFORE we started drinking!

The highlight of the festival this year was definitely the Brewer’s Garden! At the entrance we were given a little ½ pint taster glass and wrist band with 10 beer tickets. Apparently they don’t let you guzzle beer like they do wine! It was so much fun and little more leisurely standing around drinking a glass of beer rather than ounces of wine one by one.

Before leaving we hit up the Sherriff’s tent to see what our BAC was. You’ll be happy to know I blew a .12 this year! This is probably the liquid strength that helped me walk all the way back to camp carrying two bags of ice! After the festival we hung around our campsite, met some of the neighbors and cooked ourselves dinner. We even got a chance to see some more fireworks! I had an absolute complete blast! It was a fabulous weekend that has left me very tired but I can’t wait to do it again!!!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Subway Pizza!

Whoa! Did anyone know that Subway now has personal pizzas!? I was so blown away by this whole concept, I had to try one! And guess what… it was absolutely phenomenal!!! The pizza itself is pre-wrapped with sauce, seasonings and cheese and you can add your own toppings. I went with pepperoni and black olives! Before sticking it in the oven, they will layer more cheese on top to bake everything in. So tasty and it only cost me $4.34, plus I have left overs!! I love it!

Playing Blog Catch-Up

Well it finally happened, the Cozumel softball team is no longer celebrating the glory that comes with being undefeated. I am officially boycotting Channel 4 because of the misery their softball team put us through.

I can’t believe the 4th of July is already over!! What a blast I had hanging in the sun on the boat though! Well minus a certain someone taking out one of Bad Eddie’s windows. That wasn’t fun. It just goes to show you that not EVERYONE should be a boater! You need the knowledge and experience, that’s for sure! At one point we had six boats tied up partying while we boat-hopped back and forth! And there was lots of swimming going on! It was too hot not to! It was so great to spend the weekend with my Mom & Dad and even a chance to take a boat ride with my Grandparents. Family means everything, especially on holidays! :o)

Work is still fabulous and we are finally starting to work on some projects! I’m sure my eyes were as big as quarters with a huge smile on my face when I was assigned my first task! It’s been weird being the new person when you’re so use to being the go-to person that usually has the answer, can handle any task, etc. I am picking things up very quickly though so hopefully I will be right up there again!

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!! If you have time and need some fresh veggies, flowers or cheese, come to the Clarence Farmer’s Market tomorrow between 10a – 1p! I’ll be working!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Week One!

cre•a•tive –adjective
1. having the quality or power of creating.
2. resulting from originality of thought, expression, etc.; imaginative: creative writing

Wow I can’t believe how fast last week flew by! I was exposed to months of work in just a few short days. Monday started out with lots of introductions and a little confusion for me. The building layout is a windy maze of cubicles, offices, conference rooms and anything else you can imagine! Very confusing! It took me most of Monday morning to remember where the bathroom was! And normally I’m awesome at finding my way around!

To welcome myself and the other “trainee” on board, a few of the higher ups took us to Quaker Lube for lunch. It was my first time there and it was delicious! We even tried their fried pickle appetizers! I bet I could do that with my own pickles, what do you think!?

Back at the office, we were able to participate in multiple meetings, client calls, and brainstorming sessions! And this went on all week! Pretty much any meeting going on we were included. That has been pretty much the “norm” all week and the plan for this week as well! In between meetings we met with my supervisor to go through our trusty training binders. We went over everything from the computer program we will be using to what forms we will need for what project. It’s been a whirlwind and I love it! Everything is new and exciting to me.

No matter what department you hail from, everyone is very busy with work. Last week was learning the different departments of SKM and their functions. I am amazed by the talent we have under our roof. SKM deals with a lot of clients, some big, some small, but who are all uniquely interesting as the next. The work our creative team does to design all the different concepts for our clients is beyond amazing. In just one short week I have seen a wide range of creative material come and go. Some go on with revisions and some go into the trash, never to be seen again. Too bad little creative concepts, we will remember you!

I love my new job. I feel potential seeping out of me. This new way of life feels appeals to me. I can’t wait get more and more involved and throw myself into each and every project. I feel blessed for my new job and to be in such a career-driven environment. Put me in my coach, I’m ready!

On to week two! I can only imagine it will be as wonderful as the first! :o)

Friday, June 18, 2010

Buffalo Loves Patio Bars

Buffalo loves patio bars. No matter where we go in the summer, it needs to be somewhere we can sit outside in the sun. Probably for no other reason than being trapped inside for 9 months out of the year with snow, sleet, rain, etc. We soak it all in when we can!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Saying Goodbye

As the week continues to come to an end, more and more pleasant surprises have been showing up. My boss has been so adamant about showing her appreciation for all my work over the last 3+ years, that not only did I receive a beautiful bouquet of daisies (also my boss's middle name!) but she also got me a $50 gift certificate Excuria Spa! I have been there once before and it was PHENOMENAL! I can't wait to go back and de-stress with lots of pampering! Maybe before Lindsay's big wedding in August!

If that wasn't enough, my team took me to Red Lobster for lunch yesterday! AND tonight is my Farewell Happy Hour - Part 1, which is a must for all parties leaving SHC. If there is one thing I can say about SHC employees, it's that we love a good happy hour! It's just the type of people we are. I personally think it's the best way to say farewell and send our little proteges out into the world.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Farewell from SHC

For those of you un-aware, Jamie Zielonko has given her notice to pursue an opportunity as an Account Executive with a Marketing Firm. Her last day will be on Friday, June 18th.

Her Story:
Jamie started with Supplemental Health Care in January 2007 as an Associate Recruiter after Graduating from St. Bonaventure with a degree in Communication and a minor in Marketing.

Three years ago, I was honored to have Jamie Zielonko added to my team as an assistant. Since Jamie became my assistant, along with Bridget -- We grew the team to an all time high of 99 FTE’s. Jamie has proven her success as a leader and has always been willing to challenge me and the team to get to the next level.
With her energetic personality and determination she has pushed the A-Team to reach goals that seemed unattainable, such as 100% participation on our EOS.

She also received a giraffe award during her tenure with SHC, which is one of the highest honors you can receive while at SHC.

Not only will SHC be losing a devoted team member, I will also be personally losing a friend and babysitter! Jamie, we wish you the best of luck with your new career. Use the tools you’ve learned along your journey at SHC and reach as high as you can--as you’ve taught us, NOTHING is unattainable.

Thank you for your loyalty and friendship; you will not only be missed by me but by everyone here at SHC.
Good Luck!

Love, Tina

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Once a Bonnie, Always a Bonnie!

Tomorrow kicks off my five year college reunion weekend! This annual summer event rotates classes every year for one big reunion weekend. This reunion includes classes 1950, 1955, 1960, etc. up to my class, 2005! The school offers the option to stay on campus for the weekend and my girlfriends and I were able to snag a townhouse. We will have a kitchen to cook in, living room, a bath and a half to share and we each get our own bedroom! I’m super stoked and can’t wait to get in there and start partying!!

The weekend is chuck full of activities, speakers, events and BOOZE! I can’t wait to see old friends I haven’t seen since college and catch up. I’m pretty sure most of my conversations with them will be based off life events they have posted on Facebook over the last five years! “Congrats on your marriage!” or “So I see you had a baby!” Not too bad of an ice breaker if you ask me!

So basically if you don’t hear from me for a few days, don’t worry, I’ve alive, partying it up at St. Bonaventure! :o)

Stay tuned for pics my mother shouldn’t see!

Just kidding Mom! :o)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

“Don't forget to love yourself.”

One Mans Trash is Another Mans Treasure...

Monday night I was thinking, “I need a project, something to do tonight to keep me busy.” After time well spent at the gym, cleaning wasn’t an option… and there is only so much Lifetime TV I can take. A certain tarnished, silver tray came to mind and I was all over it. With newspaper spread on the floor (in front of the Lifetime Movie Network – I just can’t get away from it) I set myself up for the long haul. I took me about an hour and a half of rubbing with a soft cloth and some silver polish unveil this gorgeous shine!! This once un-treasured garage sale find turned into a beautiful serving dish I will keep forever!

Spring & Step

I saw a woman at the gym the other day with these on. I'm not kidding! I tried to sneak a picture of them and the flash went off! She almost caught me!

My girlfriend from Boston said people love to run around the city in these, I think they're just as weird!

What's going on with people and weird shoes!?

Monday, June 7, 2010

Fresh Basil

Another reason I love summer… fresh basil! I grow it on my deck and love to pluck a few leaves to cook with. It just so happens that EVERY meal now includes BASIL! I grow parsley and thyme as well, but can’t bring myself to use them yet. I only want the fresh taste of basil in my food. For breakfast I put it in my egg as it cooks. For lunch its in my burger with some feta cheese. For dinner I’m sure it will be in the below!

I accredit my mom and her love for South Beach that brought about this recipe! Grill a tortilla for just a minute on each side on low heat. While leaving the grill on, remove the tortilla and add fresh chopped basil, minced garlic, sliced tomatoes, feta and mozzarella cheese. Return to grill long enough to melt cheese. Drizzle with olive oil and enjoy! A fabulous low carb pizza just for you! YUM!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

To all my Family & Friends

I have fabulous news: I got a new job! Over the last three weeks I have been interviewing with SKM Group, a marketing firm here in Buffalo! Friday I received the call that myself and another girl were selected from 12 candidates for their two open positions! I am beyond ecstatic for this opportunity!! It's an amazing chance for me to move into the career I've always wanted. SKM will offer me more of a chance to shine and grow professionally.

As an Account Executive, I will be working with different clients to provide them direct marketing materials to reach their clientele. There is even some traveling involved that I am so pumped for! I can't wait to get in there and start, which I hope will be soon!

My boss and VP at SHC know I'm leaving as I already gave my notice. A select group of close friends celebrated with me on Friday, but other than that I have not told many. Work should be interesting tomorrow when everyone finds out!

A special thanks to my Mother who gave me all the positive encouragement and love to be able to believe in myself to secure this position. I couldn't have done any of this without her or the love and support of my family and friends. Thank you everyone!

I will keep you updated as I start off in my new position! Woohoo!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Nothing scares the devil cat!

Cali and I have been enjoying our evenings sitting on the deck. With the hot steamy weather I water down the wood to cool us off. The little water bug will let me get her wet too! Then she plays and plays, running all around me! She even likes the new chairs I bought!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I didn't pick the best time of year to start blogging again...

Finally it feels like Summer! What a gorgeous Memorial Day weekend!! We were on the lake by 10:30a on Sunday and didn't come back in until 9p!! The water was even warm enough to swim in! More than once did I thank my lucky stars for such a beautiful weekend! I hope you all were able to enjoy as well!

And a special shout out to my parents for celebrating their 31st wedding anniversary yesterday! I am very proud to have parents that have been together for so long. It seems rare these days!

Monday, May 17, 2010

I May Have Gone Over the Edge…

This weekend I created a Facebook account for my cat, Cali. Not only has my “Cat” been posting feisty messages to her friends that I have commented on as well. Basically I am creating witty conversations between myself and… well, myself. In all fairness I am not the only person I know who has created a pet Facebook! So what do you think, socially acceptable or weird?

At least my Cali loves me and my quirkiness!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Guess who's back... back again.

Jamie's back! Tell a friend!

I plan on starting to blog again! Check back soon!

Social media rules!