Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Stuff White People Like 2

I know I've posted about this website before but I have to reinterate again how funny I think it is! Stuff White People Like is also my current reading selection!

The creator, Christian Lander, appeared not to long ago on Conan O'Brien. He only started this blog back in January!! And it's already a book!!

I especially love the one about Farmer Markets!!!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy Autumn!

It's here! Soon the leaves will change and give us one last beautiful sight before falling away to winter. But first we will soak up the last few warm days!!
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My favorite thing about today: Dancing with the Stars starts tonight!! WOOHOOOOO!!! I hope everyone tunes in! I actually will be at Speed-Dating with the girls tonight, so I will have to Tivo! But this is just night one of three!!! I can't wait!

OH and last night I finished The Good Guy!! It was sooooo good!!! A non-stop thriller that I just couldn't put down! I highly reccommend to everyone! :o)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

This website is AWESOME!! I good customer at the Market handed me a flyer for it. For each 10 correct answers, they will plant one tree in a deforested area of Africa!!! Very cool!

"By joining the Jogo community and answering green questions, you are not only making a difference through planting trees, but helping spread the word about green issues. Together we can make a difference!"

**** Me so far! ****

Your Impact
You've planted 1 tree
In all, we've planted 51,069

"Together we can save the world." Just one tree can take 60 pounds of pollutants out of the air! Lets plant some trees! GO GREEN!

P.S. - I believe today was the last day of the Market. :o( Peaches, Nectarines & Berries are over with aka the money makers. We can go next week if we want and sell apples, but the farm in Albion is getting busier with the Fall/Apple season.

To all my readers in A-Town: This is good news for you though! Watt Farms is now starting Train Rides for U-Pick Apples. ALSO, they have hired a gentleman to do a pig roast each weekend too! Doesn't that sound like the perfect day??? LOL ;-)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Poker Face

First, let me say I'm sorry at how inconsistant and sporatic my blog posts are. It seems like I have about once a week when I actually sit still long enough to blog. For those who check back regularly, I greatly appreciate it!!

Now I forgot to tell everyone that while I was camping last weekend at Alleghany State Park, I learned to play Texas Hold'em!!! But the best part is, I almost won!!! It came down to me and one other guy, I'm sure it was pure luck. But I was on top of the world!
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And I'm currently reading: The Good Guy by Dean Koontz.
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This is my 2nd book in a row from him. On page 12, the bomb dropped. A regular guy sitting in a bar was mistaken as a hired killer. Before he can say anything the guy leaves. Next walks in the real contract killer. The regular guy pretends he is the guy who hired him and calls off the deal. But the killer isn't fooled and soon is hunting him... and the woman to be killed.

OMG doesn't just that paragraph make you want to read it!? I plan on spending all weekend with it! :-)

PartyLite PARTY!

My PartyLite Party turned out awesome! Not only did Mom come and get to meet all my friends, but we had awesome attendance! Things quickly turned into a regular party with wine flowing, friends laughing and conversations that had to be louder than the next! It was an awesome time! Thanks everyone who showed up, especially you Mom!! The only bad thing is I didn't take any pictures!! But that was because even I was having too much fun! LOL

Oh and on a special side note, I just won my first ebay bid! WOOHOO!! Here it is Ladies & Gentlemen, a one-of-a-kind, GENUINE Cowboys Hat!!!!! I can't wait!!
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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

42 Quarts Canned!!

I'm so behind on my blogging that I didn't even have a chance to share my first tomato canning experience! Mom and I were able to pump out 42 quarts in about 4 hours! Our system was efficient and only faltered once when I broke my first quart! LOL I love using all these tomatoes for sauces and things all winter. In fact I just used one to make Taco Soup! YUM! But my favorite part of canning is the time I get to hang and chat with my mom!! She knows so much and is always fun!! Oh and drinking wine is good too!! :-)

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At one point Mom asked me if any of my friends canned. They don't and we decided that canning is truly a dying art. This only concreted in my mind that I will continue on our family's tradition of canning and preserving! I'm hoping to try new things as well!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Maybe Just A Few Things....

Even though I love Summer and never want it to end, there are some things I look forward to in Fall...

The leaves are beautiful as they change, and the crisper weather is inviting for sweatshirts :o)

Halloween! Just decorating for it is fun!

I love pumpkins, even if you choose not to cut them!

Apples! I love the different varieties and working at Watt's!


Dock Art

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Monday, September 1, 2008

Check it out!

This is a huge Black Eyed Susan Ivy that grew at Watt Farms! FROM ONE PLANT! Isn't it glorious?
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Can you see the eyes??

And this is my one Black Eyed Susan Ivy. LOL PATHETIC!!
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The Wedding & Garage Sales!

Jared & Heather's wedding was a blast! My date was the best and we danced and danced!! What a handsome family I got to see all night! :-)
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Today I shopped my way home in Garage Sales!! This is my best find, a set of drawers for $5! I put it in the kitched for all our extras! lol
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These pictures together were $3! One is a Oregano, the other a beautiful flower of some sort. I'm thinking they will look nice in the kitchen!
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I ALSO got two Christmas plates and a fabulous large serving platter with a "Wild Flower" pattern! Also you can see the nice four sipper shotglasses I found!
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Along with some Christmas bulbs, I got this corner shelf, also for the kitchen! LOL
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