Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Yes, I have been stinking at blogging lately. I couldn't handle the pressure of being the sole blogger in the family! Thank you LP for returning to the blogging world as our main blogging entertainment! I have missed you and could not pick up the slack!

Now, I know I never blogged about camping, so let me hit some of the major highlights for you.

We camped right at Watkins Glen State Park, our site was huge and fabulous! The gorge trail was right there, and we were able to walk a little bit of it... which was beautiful!! Definitely something everyone needs to see!

One day we were able to drive to Ithaca to Buttermilk Falls State Park! They had a huge waterfall that we were able to swim in! Here's a picture of me jumping off the diving board, plugging my nose of course. I'm such a wussy!
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On our way home we passed a school that had a HUGE slip-n-slide set up for a bunch of little kids. We did a full U-turn and asked if we could go! Just once they told us! It was suuuuper fun and FAST!
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Saturday we spent the day at the Finger Lakes Wine Festival!! We didn't even know it was going on the same weekend! When you arrive, they give you a free wine glass, and you walk around sipping and tasting all the wines! The coolest part was the Sheriff's booth, where you try the Breathalyzer!!! The festival was right at the race track, so we were even able to get rides around the track in the pace car going over 100! The Festival was very responsible and all DD's only paid 1/2 price and were all breathalyzed on the way out!
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The other event worth mentioning is my break down :o( that ended in lots of FUN!!! Coming out of the State Park on our last day, I was leaking brake fluid too bad to continue our trek home. Uncle John came to the rescue right away to scope up my truck to his mechanic. In the meantime, Aunt Janny, Uncle John, Stacey & Nathan and myself were able to visit a few wineries and spend some much needed time together!! I was very happy for the unplanned visit!! Our family is truly one of outstanding measure. And never have I felt so loved as when they took me in and helped me out. Thank you both so much!

New Hair!

Me, minus eight inches!! After camping, I couldn't take the "beast" anymore of seriously long hair.
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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Camping Pictures

I know I’m slacking on blogging, sorry! I’ve uploaded my camping pictures to my Picasa account though! Check them out!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Soaking up the heat!

All my plants are getting full and healthy from the sun!! My Coleus is gigantic, we have a ripened tomato and our Black-Eyed Susan ivy has regrown and then the Black-Eyed Susan itself bloomed! WOOHOO!
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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

July 4th Weekend

What a beautiful, hot, sunny weekend! Perfect for the holiday and very relaxing! Every day the lake was flat and we stayed on the water right until sunset! I tanned, read my book, swam and we even took a trip to Rochester for some live music and dinner! Of course the food and munchies at the dock were fabulous too! I definitely over-ate in holiday tradition! What a wonderful weekend!
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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Books, Books, Books!

Wednesday night I finished my book with a big glass of wine! :o) Another pleasant accomplishment by Mrs. Keyes!! The story is excellent for anyone that has had the "pleasure" of having a no-good, dirty rotten boyfriend. The characters rally to overcome their anger and emotions for against a man who had blinded them all with "love."

I also finished Atonement over the holiday weekend. I usually do not have a bad critique for a book or movie, but this novel did not impress me at all. The pages drone on in meaningless detail. When you do finally get to the "action," they either don't even go into it, or it's only a measly few pages. The ending seemed very shotty and left you hanging for more story of what happened with the parents & Briony, and Cecilia and Robbie, etc. I have the DVD to watch and am almost positive it will be better than the book. I'll let you know!

Yesterday I stopped at the library for my next two books. One was a recommendation, a Dean Koontz book entitled The Husband. It's suppose to be a non-stop thriller, so I can't wait! The other is Son of a Witch, the 2nd book after Wicked. They never come out and officially say it, but they hint at the Wicked Witch having a son, and the 2nd book is about him. Should be interesting! :o)

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Historic Albion

Check out this website I stumbled upon!

It's full of pictures of Albion, NY! Some of the most historic buildings are showcased! Albion is so different when you step back and look at the architecture and beauty!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Someone has made me feel SPECIAL!!

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My best buddy in the whole world, LinzyFoShinzy, just sent me a beautiful bouquet thanking me for a lovely weekend! Look at how glorious they are! There's even Gerber daisies! The white lily on top is HUGE and there's another yet to bloom!! And I love the square vase! VERY COOL! I'll be able to use that for something neat after the flowers fade out!!

Thank you soooo much Lindsay! You've made my day!!


I saw another free sneak preview last night!! This time it was Hancock with Will Smith and Charlize Theron!
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It was good and funny! Of course I expect nothing less from a Will Smith movie these days though!! The plot was a nice change from the normal superhero movie and very creative! I very much enjoyed it!! :o)

Plus, it was at the new theater in the Galleria Mall! The seats were big, plush, roomy and RECLINED!! WOOHOO!! We were one of the last few to be let in and lucky had a friend saving us seats! We were close, but it was still good!