Friday, September 10, 2010

World Gym Pictures

I totally forgot I took pictures of my new gym the other day! Silly me!!

This one shows the red aerobics room/basketball court all the way on the back wall. The red wall to the right is the spinning room, and to the right of the ladder (not shown) is a private women's workout room!

Inside the blue walls are most of the free weights. You can see the floor is covered with machines. To the right of where I'm standing taking the photo are the locker rooms and another room with tanning beds.

In this photo you can see some of the cardio equipment, however the AMT's are not shown. Note the little TV's on the wall for just the front row to use! The larger TV's are for everyone else.

You can see from the photos they are still finishing up the last of the preparation process to open next week. A professional cleaner is coming this weekend to spruce everything up and then it will be go time!!!


Molly said...

I'm even MORE jealous now ......