Thursday, April 30, 2009

It's official...


We have our Kid Rock tickets!!! Now we just need to wait for July 14th to get here!! WOOHOO!!!
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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hump Day!

Here I am trying to be good on my diet and I have two meals out today! One is a luncheon with my team and our new General Manager. We've had an outstanding three weeks of productivity, so I'm sure we'll get a congratulations and pat on the back! Nothing to be worried about!

For dinner my friend Heather and I are going to the Buffalo Chophouse for dinner!! YUM! It's a high end steak house where everything is a la carte! The only reason I get to step into such a fine establishment is because I hold a coupon for $20 off two dinner entrees AND a $50 gift certificate. It's water, steak and one side for me! Of course, nothing could compare to these HUGE steaks my Mom & Dad whipped up on Sunday! They were the best!!


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

End of April

Friday will be MAY 1st!! And we've already had a beautiful weekend!! Buffalo was FULL of bubbling activity this past Saturday. People running, walking dogs, biking, walking to bars, playing football... you name it! I think there was even lawn mowers humming faintly in the distance...

For me, May will bring softball, habitat for humanity, MOTHER's Day and FLORIDA!! I can't wait! CMON SUMMER!!!!!!

From now until Florida I am on super, crunch diet/workout plan. Please keep me in your prayers!! ;-)

Mom's Magnolia Tree!


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Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Yes thanks to a special blog comment this morning I now realize my mistaken spelling of biologist!!! LOL I think it's hysterical and have decided to leave it! It was a causality of watching Dancing with the Stars while typing! Oops!

Happy Earth Day!

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

At one point I was going to be a marine bioogist when I grew up...

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Monday, April 20, 2009

A Whirlwind Weekend!

I love busy weekends with tons of stuff to do!!

Friday started out with an unofficial SHC Happy Hour at Cozumel. This patio bar floods with people at the first nice sign of weather! Friday started out on the warmer side, but once the sun went down, we all crowded around the heat lamps!

Saturday started with Step Class, Target & grocery shopping!! At 3p I went to my first BBQ of the year to meet my friend’s parents. They came all the way from California! I brought our “famous” family pickles for them to try and my mom’s Avocado & Black Bean Salad for an appetizer. Both received great reviews!

Once home I did a little container gardening over some brown paper bags in my living room! It worked well with a quick vacuum for clean up! It helped curb my gardening urge until the weather gets nicer! THEN I made some Naan bread, a recipe my mom sent me from a magazine we read together. It turned out fabulous, but definitely not a recipe to multi-task with!! I’ve posted a photo for you to check out, but next time they will be golden brown, I promise!

Sunday I went to the Deerhurst Presbyterian Church for a rejuvenated service. The church itself was BEAUTIFUL inside and looked as if it had been remodeled recently. I was able to snap a quick picture with my phone before the service started!
The nicest part was the Pastor greeted me right away and introduced himself, as well as a few members. They all seemed very friendly towards me!! Which I guess is pretty much the Presbyterian way! The service itself was very nice, meaningful and flowed together. I’m hoping to go back again!

But my Sunday didn’t stop there! I went to the gym and then to my first golf lesson ever! I’ve played with my mom and she’s been my teacher up to this point, but I thought a pro might be able to break some bad habits before I get set in my ways! It was 40 mins and with Adam, a 24-year-old pro whose been playing for the last ten years! I didn’t do too shabby and even got in some good swings! Every once in awhile I got a “wow” or “good job!” or “YA! THAT WAS IT!” As soon as I could, I wrote down all the tips he gave me so I can practice, practice, practice on my own! I felt so inspired afterwards I went and played Putt-Putt with a friend!!!

Cmon on summer so I can practice OUTSIDE!!

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Monday, April 13, 2009

It’s a known fact…

…I have been slacking on blogging.

And I am here to say: I’m baaaack!

Let’s play catch up. Easter was FANTASTIC! My Mother made the best smoked ham EVER! She cooked it in the crock-pot and the smoky flavor was phenomenal!! I couldn’t eat enough of it. The best Easter ham so far!! Job well done mom!! It was a wonderful day to spend with both my parents, chuck full of chatting and catching up! We had a special last minute visit from Aunt Janny & Uncle John too!!! They were a breathe of fresh air on a holiday that used to be spent with a big family dinner. Don’t get me wrong, I love our threesome dinners with Mom & Dad too! OH and I even got an Easter basket that I wasn’t expecting! With chocolate, and lotion and flowers, OH MY! :o)

Happy Dyngus Day to every one! Buffalo is the main capital of this wonderful Holiday! We even have our own parade!

A happy note to leave with you: It’s supposed to be 60 and Sunny on Friday! WOOHOO!!! :o)