Monday, June 29, 2009

More RZYC!!!




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Sunday, June 28, 2009


Saturday I brought the girls out to spend the day in the sun! And boy did we party! We laid in the sun, got a wonderful boat ride, and danced and danced! My favorite was this morning when my moocher swan came for a bite. He jumped right onto the deck and clumsly walking over to me to beg. He's my new buddy! I love the dock and the girls had so much FUN!! Yay for sun in the fun!



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The 4th is coming...

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Friday, June 26, 2009

Clam Bake

As all of Western New York knows, we had a downpour yesterday afternoon that was strong enough to wipe out anyone’s outdoor plans after work. The girls and I were planning on attending a Clam Bake in Cheektowaga for $30, where we could eat all the (raw) clams we wanted. They also had unlimited beer and a good band, so we were pretty pumped… until the rain came. But then we had this break through idea: Why don’t we buy Clams and have our own cook out! And that’s just what we did!

Our local grocery store Dash’s (which I personally LOVE) had 50 Littleneck clams for $16.99. We grilled them all at once, and I so involved at watching these little guys pop open that I didn’t even think to take a picture! We ate them in shifts while they were hot, dipping them in a butter, lemon juice & minced garlic concoction! They were DELICIOUS! We also had baked potatoes, corn on the cob and Bud Light to go with them!!

Once we were stuffed, we settled in for a hilarious game of Apples to Apples. If you have never played this game, you need to jump on the band wagon because it can get quite hysterical! It truly is my favorite game ever, and I love nothing more than playing it with a big group of friends!

All in all I’m so happy it poured and “ruined” our plans. Things turned out much better from it! And the evening was gorgeous and HOT! It rain and thundered all around us, but we never ended up with rain! WOOHOO for Clam Bakes!!



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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Deck Gardening - Day 9

My babies are getting bigger and bigger! I'll be eating fresh salad in no time! :o)


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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Delaware Park

Tonight I took my first bike ride of 2009! What a glorious, HOT day! I only wish I had the day off to enjoy it. But as soon as I did it was on the bike and off to the corner gas station! Both tires needed air and it was a struggle to get there with those dragging tires. My route was erratic to the norm but arrival destination is always the same: Delaware Park. I rode the "loop" three times and was pretty tired by the time I got home. The killer part is a steep hill that I can never make it up without having to stand up and pump my legs! I love it though! The place is always full of people walking, running, biking, rollerblading, golfing, paying softball, tennis, soccer, basketball!! It's wonderful!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Deck Gardening - Six Days Later

WE HAVE SPROUTS!! They are loving this rain!!

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Bridget's Wedding

The lovely couple!
Dancing and have fun!
Having a great time! We danced and danced and danced!! :o)

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No Doubt Concert!!

Cooking up some burgers and kabobs for dinner!
Drinking and having fun!!
Got our concert beers and we're ready to ROCK!!
No Doubt is awesome!!!

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I have no complaints about this concert or performance at all! No Doubt kept their songs going one right after the other. If there was downtown between songs for costume changes or what not, it was no time before they were right back on stage! We partied and danced and jumped all over the place! We had lawn seats and it wasn't crowded at all. Even the bathrooms were clean and the lines moved FAST! I loved it and had the best time! WOOHOO!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Can't Wait for No Doubt on FRIDAY!!!


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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Deck Gardening!

Last night I FINALLY planted my Bloomsdale Long-Standing Spinach & Baby Romaine Lettuce!! I really hope this works out and I can make myself lots of salads!
I re-potted some other plants as well and then organized the desk with all my beautiful pots! Majority of them contributed by my Mother!! Thank you Mom!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My Best Friend is Getting Married!!!

And I'm the...
WOOHOO!!! :o)

Monday, June 8, 2009

Weekend Fun!!

What an awesome, eventful weekend I had!! It started right at 5p on Friday Heather, Lynn and I jumped in the car and drove to Rochester for the East End Music Festival! It was my first time at the festival and Heather’s first time in the city of Rochester!

The festival was about blocked off from traffic, and as you walked there were different stages set up along the street for the bands to play. The whole place was just a buzz from the crowd, to the bars, to the bands! We each got big plastic mugs to drink from and carry around. My first was filled with a “Grateful Dead” drink. It was a purple, delicious and strong! Kind of like a Long Island Ice Tea. Needless to say I sipped mine and made it last for a good hour! Hahaha
The bands played on into the night, switching after every set. One band was set up right by the entrance and they all had mullet wigs on! hahaha We had tons of fun walking around, listening to the bands, eating good festival food and even had a chance to blow our BAC! I only got up to a .05 after a Grateful Dead and two beers. After the festival started to wind down, we hit up a few local bars, which were really nice. They seemed a little more “classy” than Buffalo bars. LOL Go figure! We didn’t stay out for long however, after a long Friday we wanted our beds!

Saturday Heather, Laura & I went and played nine holes of golf at the local Par 3. We packed a small cooler to take with us, but I have come to the conclusion that beer doesn’t really help my game!! But of course it’s just fun to go and hang with the girls! Afterwards we had a few people over, played some games and had a small bonfire. Which to me, is the best fun ever! You don’t need to take me to a packed bar or club, just put me in a chair in front of a fire, beer in hand, and lets play some games! I’ll be the happiest woman ever!

Sunday I mostly relaxed with the TV off and just sat around reading and playing Scrabble on facebook. I am addicted to it to be honest. I set up a game and some stranger and I battle it out with words. I love it! Heather and I did meet up and go to the movies to see The Hangover!! OMG it was sooooo hysterical! It made me laugh right out loud the entire time. A few times I was laughing so hard my eyes were watering and I had to worry about my make up running. HAHAHA!! It’s the funniest movie I have seen in a long time! I recommend it to every one!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Diary of a Tampa Vacation!

Wed, Day 1: Our flight was quick and on time. Sara, Emily & Jaden met us at baggage claim to whisk us off on our vacation! The first order of business: Food! We went to a local bar/restaurant where I ordered a margarita and the most delicious Bruschetta Haddock! I have been dreaming about it ever since! We spent the rest of the evening at the house, under the Lanai watching Thunderstorms and drinking beer! Here is a picture of the pool & Lanai (on a nice day obviously!)

Thurs, Day 2: Our morning started out with big breakfast burritos Sara’s husband, Jarrod, made us. While enjoying our breakfast, we noticed a police officer sitting outside of the house with a culprit in the back seat! It turns out someone was trying to break into Jarrod’s van while it sat right in the driveway! Luckily he was caught and nothing was stolen. What a way to start out the morning while we’re all nonchalantly puttering around inside! After breakfast it was time for the pool with Jaden. He learned how to swim on his own for the first time!

Once it started to really pour, we packed everyone up and went bowling! We ended up being upgraded to the PRIVATE bowling lanes, which supplied us with big comfy couches and only 5 other lanes! Afterwards Sara, Emily, Jarrod and I went for a few drinks to a bar called the Green Iguana. They had a nice outdoor bar, but it continued to pour the entire time. We were able to get a table inside right when the band stopped. LOL!

Fri, Day 3: Another day of chasing the sun around the pool! Whenever it wasn’t raining, I was outside in a lounge chair soaking up the sun! At night we went to this awesome piano bar called Howl at the Moon, part of the Channelside district. This area was nothing but bar after bar of awesome night life spots!! Two musicians sat facing one another, playing songs by request. And they could play ANY song, from oldies to rap! Each musician had a flash light they were able to use as a spotlight to call out members in the audience. It was hysterical! The drinks consisted of big huge buckets, with 15 long straws for everyone to share!! It was so much fun and a very close second to my favorite part of the whole vacation!

Sat, Day 4: Saturday was relaxed as we hung by the pool in the morning and headed over to the Tampa Bay for a picnic at Sara’s boss’s house in the afternoon. It thunder stormed on and off so it was a lot of indoor fun. In the picture below you can see the storm coming in the distance! It was a quiet evening at home after that. Us “kids” sat around and raced each other in Sudoku puzzles all night while we watched basketball. It was a nice relaxing day!

Sun, Day 5: My favorite day because we went to Siesta Key Beach! It was a gorgeous, HOT, sunny day! This beach is mostly known for its pure white sand, that no matter what, stays cool to the touch. It makes the beach shine in the sun and you could walk forever without having scorching hot feet the whole time! We laid in the sun for hours, swam in the ocean and even played a little water catch with a nerf football. This was my first trip to the gulf side of Florida and man was the water a lot saltier! Once it got in my eyes I needed to get out and take a break! The water was super warm though! We had tons of fun in the sun!!!! We all came home red and ready to jump in the cool pool1

Mon, Day 6: Memorial Day! Sara had to work at the golf course, so Pam, Jaden and I walked over for lunch. It was a short walk but immediately hot and humid. After lunch we did more swimming and sunbathing. For dinner we bought Alaskan King Crab legs and Shrimp for kabobs. It rained in the evening but we still grilled up a huge feast! I was in heaven with my crab legs! Afterwards we got into more Sudoku races and a big game of SCAT!

Tues, Day 7: Another beach day! I couldn’t leave Florida knowing I only went to the beach ONCE! Us girls packed up the baby and went to Apollo Beach, a smaller, closer beach in Little Harbor. No white sand, but we were provided with lounge chairs and an outdoor Tiki Bar! So of course we sipped Bloody Mary’s while we sun bathed! There was no going in the water however, as Horseshoe crabs were floating all over mating! They would wash up on the shore and then dig themselves into the sand. I wasn’t taken any chances other than to get this quick picture! On the way home we stopped for a late lunch and I had my first Sonic experience EVER! I was pretty excited about it, especially since Buffalo shows commercials all the time and we don’t have one! That’s just cruel!
In the evening we grilled ourselves big steaks (while it poured) in honor of our last night. We kept the drinks flowing and played Scat while soaked in all of our vacation fun!

Wed, Day 8: Our last day!! We spent the entire day in the pool and the sun. From 9:30a until 4p I didn’t budge until I figured it was finally time to pack for the airport. :o( What a wonderful vacation I had with such great friends! I can’t wait to go back!