Sunday, January 27, 2008

E-Paper Slap Bracelet

Check out this crazy thing!
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Keeping Up

I've been busy lately with not a lot to time post, BUT interesting things going on none the less! I'll show you in the following pictorial! :o)

My new fabulous tin from Grandma and two old Ball jars from Mom! I joke that every time I come back home from Mom's, I have a new sugar container! hahaha
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My AWESOME Rite-Aid find! A $25 Hurricane Lamp FOR SIX DOLLARS!!! Now the candle I bought inside was a treat from Pier 1. White Pomegranite to make the apartment smell nice. That kind of evened out the cost! LOL!
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Right when I walked into Tops yesterday there were little herb plants for $1.99!
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I bought two! Hahaha! This one is a Italian Basil and the OTHER is Catnip! Angel found it right away in the bag and started to eat it! We had to hide it on top of the fridge! hahaha I snuck him some leaves and man did he love it! Check out my YouTube channel for a few videos!

Wendy's snowmobiling at her parent's place this weekend. But before she left we made chocolate covered strawberries! YUM!
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Wendy ended up having this cool melter thingy too.
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AND I MADE SUSHI! California Rolls! They didn't turn out as well as I had hoped, but I tried!
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The Algernon Gordon Effect

Check out Carson's band on my YouTube channel!

Weekend @ Home

Mom and I stacking wood!
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We made Apple Crisp, just like Grandma's! It was delicious, it makes me miss you Grandma!
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My dad had to take this load of three different, huge church bells to Cincinnati, OH for cleaning and tuning!
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Dad ended up leaving early with the bells. So mom and I were able to hang around and go to Wiggly's to see Carson's band The Algernon Gordon Effect.
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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Delicious Food!

Tonight my friend from Bonaventure, Tera White came over for dinner! I made a new recipe for us, Chicken Borritos! Complete with Margaritas! YUM!!
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And for dessert I made Grandma's fabulous Apple Crisp! It was soooooo delicious! What a special evening!
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Tera and I inbetween telling college stories! Look, I even wore my RA shirt!
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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Chateau Buffalo

Tonight Karen, her husband Chris, and myself had quite a night! First they came upstairs and let me show off my place, then it was off to our 6p meeting at the wine store Chateau Buffalo on Hertel! They sell their our cider plus all locally made wines.

Watt Farms is in the early brainstorming phase of possibly selling their locally made cider. If we can sell their product, we could eventually look into making our own from our fruit. Wouldn't that be cool!

Below is a picture of Ernie, Cal (owner) and us. Ernie makes great beer and is a vendor every Saturday at the Clarence farmers market! He started would always start our Saturdays out with what Karen likes to call "breakfast beer!" :o)

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Afterwards, we walked two doors over to a little Italian Restaurant for dinner! It was DELICIOUS!! The best Chicken Parmesan I have had in years! And we had a complimentary small olive salad and house bread with cheese inside! The food was fabulous and the company was awesome!

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Karen I had so much fun with you tonight, thank you!! I wish you a very safe journey Friday and the best of time in your travels! In two months we are meeting to look at your pictures and drink beer!!

And as a side note, this is what I have learned as of recently. Hertel (Ave) is a very hip, happening place that I don't take advantage of nearing enough! Fun bars and great places to eat. I need to explore explore explore!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Neat Little Car

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Check out this car Wendy and I saw on our way back from lunch on Friday! No license, lights, or blinker! And no spare tire either for that matter! It's always interesting when you a get chance to witness something unique and unusual to your daily life!

P.S. - I did not take this picture while driving! Wendy did from the passengers seat! hahaha

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Comedy Central Stand-Up Showdown!

Go to this link and vote for your favorite stand up comedian! You can vote once a day, every day! I highly suggest voting for Mitch Hedberg! R.I.P.

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Monday, January 7, 2008

The playoffs are here!

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Saturday, January 5, 2008


Look what we did today! We took all of our photos off the table and shelves and hung them up! It makes this wall look a lot more... lively. Not so bare. :o)
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For a late lunch I cooked some cheesy chicken fingers! Very easy and delicious! Take the chicken, dip in egg then crushed cheese nips and shredded cheddar cheese to coat. Bake at 400 degrees for 10-12 minutes! Use Ketchup, BBQ Sauce or Rance for dipping!
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While the cheesy fingers cooled, I replanted the cute little Christmas tree my mom got me! It's adorable and I hope it will grow this summer, large enough to put on little lights and decorations next year!
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Speaking of plants, my others are doing well and thriving inside. I had a few "near death" experiences, but now all are healthy. I'm already thinking of what I'd like to do this Spring! I'm thinking a long rectangular planting trough would like nice on the deck. I'd plant it with all sorts of beautiful things! I'd also like a big planter of lavender! Oh I dislike winter for the deadness in nature that surrounds us!

For dinner, as a treat to ourselves, Wendy and I went to Applebee's for dinner. I got a delicious 9oz sirloin steak! YUM! Once home I started to go through my new cookbook and make a list (with page #) of all the recipes I'd like to make! Now I will be able to make a grocery with ease. I'm super excited to see so many new delicious meals to try! I've already made Wendy aware she'll be my test subject.

Now I'm just blogging and watching the New Hampshire Debates. Oh and I've been reading Wicked in between everything today! OH! And my best friend Lindsay (in Mass.) told me that after reading my blog about Wicked, she got up and went to Barnes and Noble and bought it! Now we're planning for her to come and visit in the summer and go to the show together! It has me completely pumped!!!

Thursday, January 3, 2008


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I am only on page 96, but I am already so involved in this book and how everything unfolds! A fairy tale for adults, Wicked gets right down to the underlying darkness and nitty-gritty of what is normally a very pleasant story. The way the author took an traditional, G-Rated movie, and created such a unique, detailed fantasy astonishes me! So far I have read nothing about merry skipping or singing! hahaha

I haven't been able to put it down other than to sleep, work or go to the gym! Oh and blog! hahaha

"An outstanding work of imagination." ~USA Today

"A staggering feat of wordcraft." ~Los Angeles Times

** Now I really want to go and see the play at Shea's! I hope I get tickets for my birthday!!!! ;o)

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

2008 - Day One

11:18p last night - I'm already in bed asleep and miss a call. When I check my voicemail it's my Mom saying her and Dad wanted to call and wish me a happy new year! They were partying and I was the one fast asleep! hahaha!!

But I had a very restful sleep, waking only to stay in bed and finish reading "To Have and to Hold" by Jane Green. My favorite part was her living in the country in a fixed up old home, gardening, cooking, playing with her dog and finding who she is and creating the life she pictured.

I worked out for about two hours before driving to Barnes & Noble where I stayed for hours walking around. I bought a coffee and asaigo pretzel for thing. Then got a new planner for 2008 that I am very excited for! Not my usual but I think I'll like it more! I looked for a lot of books I had heard of or read about. Sometimes I just need to place an eyeball on stomething or flip it through it to decide if I like it. I'm not a big internet shopper. One book I read about in Shape and looked at was "The Writer's Diet." It had the idea of keeping a dieting journal. Step one was Morning Pages. Write three pages of anything... your life, your thoughts, what you have to do for the day. Anything, as long as it's three pages. Step two was to write down everything you eat and what you were thinking when you ate it. This helps you identify your eating "reason" as it seemed to me. Did you eat because of boredom, stress, love, heartbreak, etc. AInteresting!

I only went $5 over my gift card and I got 3 books (one was Wicked! I'm super pumped), an atlas and a planner! Woohoo! :o)