Monday, December 31, 2007

Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right! ~Oprah Winfrey

Resolutions... do I always make them? Yes. Do I always keep them? No.

I must admit I feel very liberated by the new year. I want to start it off enthusiastically, with a better outlook on the person I would like to be.

So here's my thought, instead of resolutions, I will focus on a few things I'd like to either improve on, or continue doing. Of course there's always a few "add-ons" of things I'd like to start doing, but I won't call them resolutions. ;o)

1.) Continue to work out and eat good.

2.) Give 100% every day at work.

3.) Read more books and news stories.

4.) Explore more of Buffalo and the events it offers.

And to 2007 I say - Drop the last year into the silent limbo of the past. Let it go, for it was imperfect, and thank God that it can go! ~Brooks Atkinson

Mom's Birthday!

Here is the link with all the photos from Mom's fabulous birthday party!

Unfortunately I'm having trouble with my laptop, so I have yet to load the infamous dance-off videos for you all. But rest assured, I am working away on solving the problem!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

A litte excitement...

This afternoon I was in the kitchen and heard the weirdest noise. I saw the cat's ears stand at attention right, it freaked him out for sure! Well a few moments later I happen to look out the window and I see a young girl (with a car full of people) rearended another car. Well the girl's car was fine because it was heavy duty, but the woman had a Gradam with a plastic bumper! It was$ busted pretty bad and all over the road. Everyone was okay. Two cops came, a fire truck with wistles blazing and THREE tow trucks! I of course went outside immediately to be nosey! hahaha

And do you think I thought once to grab my camera? Nope!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas at the Zielonko's!

My mother's beautiful tree! Complete with presents and cards! :o)
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The fabulous dishes we had, plus two pies! And the Ham is my favorite!!
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And all my goodies!!!!!!
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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Beer Tree: The Ultimate Christmas Project

Imagine all the work that must have gone into this!


I accidentally deleted ALL my pictures from the Christmas party!! Can anyone who has some good ones send them to my email??


Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas at Work!

Christmas at work was fun! Our office was super talkative and rambuncious for most of the day with the anticipation of the upcoming holiday! Our team gave Carrie a Pier 1 gift card and a case of Coors Light! Here's our photo!
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We did Secret Santa at noon, and my santa got me what I'm was hoping and waiting for... a Sudoku board!! I was so excited! And the funny thing about our Secret Santa party was that everyone seemed to buy big bottles of everyone's favorite alcohol for their presents! hahaha A company that parties together, stays together!

After work we all went to Deuce's for happy hour. It was tons of fun! We all stayed until about 8p and then went out seperate ways. What a great way to start off the holiday weekend! :o)

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Mmmm I just made meatloaf and banana bread! YUM!
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I had a day at work that should have warranted much stress, but surprisingly I stayed in a chipper, cheerful mood even though more and more went wrong! I think I was too busy to freak out!

I'm still working out... I'm trying to focus more on building muscle than cardio. My muscles are sore most days, but thats when I know IM WORKIN IT OUT! hahaha

I'm 90% done with my Christmas shopping. Last night I layed out all my presents to get a visual of who was taken care of. I ended up with more done than I had originally thought! Go me! I'll be excited to wake up with Mom and Dad and open presents!! It's my most favorite part!
** Don't forget, Christmas is sooner than you think! **

~Aunt Molly I am THE MOST excited for your Christmas party! :o)

I can't wait to see you all Saturday!!!! :o)

Monday, December 17, 2007

Jason Whitten losing his helmet.

The best Cowboys moment all season!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Colors of Christmas

To gain a greater appreciation of the colors of Christmas, one should look at them as symbols with religious and social significance. Red is the color of fire, which represents warmth. It is also the color of blood, the essence of life. Traditionally, red is used to represent charity and encourage action or arouse emotion. This symbolism easily applies to the festivities of Christmas. Everyone enjoys the warmth and charity of good fellowship during the season. Christmas is also the celebration of birth and life.
Green is symbolic of hope, youth and life everlasting. This is represented through the use of fir trees and plants that keep their leaves year round. Examples of these are the many evergreen varieties, holly and mistletoe used in Christmas decorations. Used since pagan times to celebrate the winter solstice, evergreens are rich in legend and folklore. Romans exchanged green boughs as a symbol of friendship and peace. Literature reveals a belief in the magical powers of the holly branch as a symbol that wards off evil and promises everlasting life. Mistletoe is the "Golden Bough" used as a charm to bring good fortune. Evergreens are an appropriate symbol for Christmas since Christ's birth brought the promise of everlasting life to mankind. The promise was delivered through the image of the Child, making green a perfect color for symbolizing youth.
Gold is used as the color to symbolize value and goodness. Gold is used in pictures of the Holy Family. It is the color of the halo of light about their heads. It is symbolic for the supernatural as seen in drawings of angels. It is the color of the Star of Bethlehem.
White is seen in nature. It is the color of the freshly fallen snow that colors a deadened earth. It is symbolic of purity -- the purity of the Christ Child and the purity of His mother, Mary.
Each Christmas color - red, green, gold and white - adds depth and dimension to the religious and social meanings of the Christmas season.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Us Girls at the Christmas Party!

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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Christmas List - UPDATED!

1. A wireless mouse

2. A set of cooking knives

3. Ralph Lauren Romance perfume

4. Barnes & Noble Gift Card *** THIS IS A CHRISTMAS STAPLE!!!

5. The movie 300

6. Radar Detector

7. Recipe Cards

8. A Cowboys Jersey - Jason Whitten

9. Teeth Whitening Trays

10. Photo Papper

11. Small make-up/purse bags

YAY for Christmas!

Friday was my holiday Christmas party! It was very nice and it was tons of fun to dress up! Surprisingly I didn't take many pictures, but here is one of my friend Mark and I for your veiwing pleasure!
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Saturday consisted of working out and grocery shopping! Oh and I finally returned our cans, 4.5 large garbage bags, and got back almost $20!! The rest of the night I was a slug in front of the TV, watching Christmas movies and working on Wendy's scarf!
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(Lisa if you're reading this, I'll be home the next THREE weekends and I would love
to go to that yarn store you mentioned!)

I'm thinking for my next scarf I'll make a brown and yellow striped one that I can show off at Alumni Weekend! :o)

Oh and I also made Chicken Pot Pie, from stratch, for dinner! It was delicious! And speaking of which, there better be some left when I got home! hahaha I also have a mix for us to make Christmas cookies with my mom's old cookie cutters! I'm super pumped! YAY FOR CHRISTMAS!!!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

My 1st Christmas Tree! - DECORATED!!

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Sunday, December 2, 2007

My 1st Christmas Tree!

Here is my first very own Christmas tree! I'm super pumped to decorate it with my own lights, and ornaments and charm!
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When I was younger, every year for Christmas, when my mom got the tree, she would always get a litttle potted tree for me too! I would put it in my room and decorate it with my own lights and ornaments. I would leave it on at while night I feel asleep, then my mom would tip-toe in later and unplug it. A couple of times, after Christmas, my dad would take it out and plant it in the yard! I think we have two or three that have turned into our huge pines trees in the back yard and one by the road.

That is always my most favorite memory at Christmas time!!

Mamacita donde esta Santa Claus.

This shit is hysterical!!!!!!