Friday, September 21, 2007

Look at me go!

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Yesterday was my annual evaluation at work. I first had to go through about 75 categories and rate myself from "exceeds expectations, meets requirements, needs improvement and unsatisfactory." Then we had to sit down with our manager Carrie and go through the same evaluation that she did and compare and contrast. We had the same answers for all but three! And the two of the three she had bumped up from what I had rated myself! I know, awesome, right?

In addition to that, in the comments section, Carrie wrote that I have a great attitude, always pleasant, always willing to help out. Another comment she made was that I handle conflict resolution well and she feels I have strong leadership skills and could go far in the company.

WOOHOO!! GO ME! :o) My evaluation made me very happy as I love positive reinforcement and constructive criticism. I would like to exceed in my position as well as the company. Supplemental has a positive employee atmosphere that is constantly reinforced with excellence and "good jobs." My goal from this point forward is to continue building my nurse business and move into a management position where I can have a team below me where I can instill the same great values.

What a good decision I made to take a leap of faith and try something new! :o) Today is a good day!!